Fashion Fit Diaries | London

Jeneil and Lauren take you to London Fashion Week in this episode of #FashionFitDiaries. It was a pleasure to shoot and edit!
And remember, if you do any of these exercises, the ladies want to see them! Make sure to tag them on Instagram at #FashionFitDiaries xoxo

Fashion Fit Diaries | NY

Here’s a great lil project I’m happy to be a part of! Check the vid and share your warm-up routine with @lajoy224 and @jeneilwilliams on  Instagram at #FashionFitDiaries!

New York Fashion Week was just the beginning, now it’s off to Europe for more fashion. Jeneil and I know what it’s like to super busy and on the road. So, we wanted to bring you a little fitspo to keep you going for fashion week and beyond. We’ll have a video for you in each city with moves perfect for your hotel room, the airport, backstage! Try them out and let us know how it goes! #fashionfitdiaries