Melissa Czarnik’s new album Rainbow Skies is available as a FREE download for a limited amount of time on Bandcamp.

Melissa Czarnik (Zar-Nik), affectionately known as MC, has been called by Bitch Magazine, “an inspiration to young emcees everywhere.” On May 3rd she released her new EP Rainbow Skies worldwide, which is currently available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes, among others. Czarnik is a sensitive emcee, with an impeccable flow, whose deeply intense lyrics takes listeners multiple plays to devour. She is significantly known for her melodic delivery and raspy voice that melts over live jazz instrumentation with the precision of a 18th century symphonic composer. Starting off as a freestyle emcee in high school, Czarnik has worked incessantly at perfecting her written poetry to the standard of some of her greatest inspirations like Erykah Badu, Saul Williams, and 2Pac. When asked why she performs by her birth name, she responded, “I’m the only one in my family left with my name. My only brother passed away in 2002, and for him, I want our name to be represented!”

Melissa Czarnik’s new EP, Rainbow Skies aims to bring positive vibes to the lives of her listeners. On her first single ALL THE LOVE, the chorus bellows sweetly with the voice of Australian pop-folk artist, Ali Carter, “You are all the love, you ever needed, don’t let them tell you, they’ll just deceive you.” Czarnik goes on to battle the demons, “And what we got? Everybody so rowdy, drinks filled up, everybody’s minds cloudy. Mine’s on 10, don’t’ trust no one around me, cousins, uncles another Bill Cosby.” On this EP we can really hear her fight for justice. She is putting herself first, and is encouraging all of her listeners to do the same.

On her opening track SHE IS, Czarnik delivers 48 uninterrupted bars about the majesties of being a woman, “She is Michelle, Malia and Sasha. She is far from Barbara Laura or Condie.” Going on to say, “She is vast, deep, Pacific. Asian, European, African, Latina. Old world, beaded bare-breasts naked, new world clothed, ashamed exploited…” pouring out all the complexities and dichotomies of being a woman in the modern world. In the track’s big reveal, Czarnik reminds us that being a woman, is being poetry. Rainbow Skies attempts to combat all the lies and hate of our modern world with love. The EP features all live musicians including Sam Neufeld (trumpet), Ari Folman-Cohen (bass), Ryan Ramirez (drums), Terence Pettigrew (drums) and Eric Joseph Meyer (keys/producer/composer). Special guest vocalists include Ali Carter (folk/pop) and Lynette Williams (neo-soul).