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Melissa Czarnik | Non Merci (HMP, 2012)

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Non Merci was written and recorded at a secluded artist residency in the countryside of France.  Featuring the hit singles Rummy and Pina Bausch, the 13 track EP is filled with melodic piano laden melodies by producer Eric Joseph Meyer.  Together the two have created a unique pairing of jazz, hip hop and poetry, that earned her the title of Best Emerging Hip Hop Artist by the Deli Magazine NYC.

Track Listing:

1.  Non Merci
2. Pina Bausch
3. C’est La Vie
4. Rummy
5. Fool Who
6. The Green
7. I Prefer
8. If You Love
9. With My Tongue
10. Frida
11. In My Dreams
12. For MKE featuring Roxie Beane
13. Lullaby for Melissa