Rum-N-Coke | Remix

“Rum-N-Coke” was a longtime collaboration waiting to happen between myself and producer/emcee, Incksalonius.  We have been friends for several years having established our connection through the all female hip hop collective, Supafly, based in Brussels, Belgium.

So, when I moved to New York, Incks, a native Brooklyn-ite picked “Rummy” off of my third studio album, Non Merci to do a remix too.  And what you have next, is Rum-N-Coke.

Hope you enjoy this free download!  And don’t say we never gave you nothin’!!!

Raspberry Jesus | On Sale

This was one of my favorite albums to make.   Raspberry Jesus is full of vocal layerings, energies, and stars some of the best improvisational jazz cats from Milwaukee.

The album was produced by Eric Meyer, my fav, and earned recognition from Bust Magazine, NPR, Anattitude Magazine among others.

It’s available in full on iTunes and Spotify.

Or you can download a sampler of some of the best tracks for just $5 on bandcamp.  Holler!

Limited Edition | Album

All hail the Strawberry Cadillac!  My very first album, and favorite album title to date.  If you want to see where sweet little Melissa all began, where the fire started, you’ll want to get this album.

Luckily for you there are still some limited edition copies of it available in CD format through CD Baby.  Or of course you can always  download digitally pretty much from anywhere on the net including iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

A side note: This album was given a great review in print by Bitch Magazine, and I am forever grateful for their belief in my music as early on as 2008!